Fulcrum Support Compression Knee Sleeves


Neoprene compression knee sleeves for weightlifting, running and sports.  Prevent injury and pain while adding stability to your movements.  Strong enough to squat in but flexible enough to run in.

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Perform Without Fear

Living the active lifestyle you love can be hard on your body. Fulcrum support compression knee sleeves not only protect you, but give you the support and confidence you need to perform at your best. 

Money Back Guarantee 

We believe so strongly that Fulcrum Support knee sleeves will give you the comfort and support that you need, that we will refund your purchase, no questions asked, within 90 days.

No Risk, No Hassle, 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Comfortable, Breathable,  Dry

Built with a combination of compression neoprene and breathable wicking fabric, your Fulcrum Support knee sleeves will stay cool, dry, and comfortable.

High Stretch Low Restriction

With our high stretch low restriction fabric, you will feel 100% supported without being restricted from doing the movements that you love. You can run, play basketball, or lift weights without any sort of movement restriction.

Fulcrum Support Knee Compress Sleeves

There are advances being made in science and technology everyday, Fulcrum Support Knee Sleeves has taken that next step in function and design. 

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Jane Frank


After almost 5 years of running 3-4 times a week, I thought my body had reached its limit.  I had knee pain when I woke up in the morning and when I laid in bed at night.  When I ran, I had to favor my heels with led to ankle problems.  I decided to try the Fulcrum Support Compression Knee Sleeves because my running club recommended it as their favorite product of 2019.  From day one I felt like I had been given a new body.  Not only was I able to run without knee pain, feeling fully supported, but I feel like it corrected my posture and let me run for longer distances.  I don't believe in magic, but these are about as close as you can get. 

Lewis Todd

Olympic Weightlifter

I started Olympic Weightlifting in 2017.  For me it's about staying active and having fun. I have never had any sort of pain in my knees, but I could tell I was putting strain on my knees. Trying to put 200+ pound over head while squatting under it requires a lot of stability, and I could feel that my knees were not stable enough to support the movement.  There were a lot of high priced support solutions out there, but I just wanted a pair of knee sleeves that would give me a little extra support.  I found Fulcrum Support knee sleeves, and they immediately gave me the support I was looking for.  I made strength and mobility gains I had been chasing since I started.  I had nothing to compare to, so I wasn't sure how good Fulcrum Support was.  My friend asked if he could borrow them while he squatted because he left his gym bag at home.  He came back to me raving about how much he liked them, and asked how much I paid.  When I told him, he was blown away.  He said they were better than the pair he paid DOUBLE for.  Do yourself a favor, BUY A PAIR NOW!

Maria Holmes

Crossfit Athlete

I like to throw down and compete.  When the clock start I go, and I don't stop until I am on the floor in a pool of sweat.  It all goes by in a blur, but this means that sometimes I am not paying attention to how hard I am pushing my body.  After I injured myself and was out of commission for 5 weeks, I decided I needed to protect my body a little more.  
The Fulcrum Knee Sleeves were one the tools I use to make sure I can push hard, not think about it, but still protect my body.  They are also really easy to wash and stay fairly dry so they don't stink like some of of my friend's expensive sleeves. 

Fulcrum Support Knee Compress Sleeves

You can live your life as active as you want, and still protect your body.  You don't compromise and neither do Fulcrum Support Knee Sleeves.

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