How working out can fit into a busy life


with Keller Williams Rachael Novak, of the Novak Team

     I have been interested in the idea of how people schedule fitness into a busy lifestyle.  Demanding jobs, family life, and endless distractions mean that a lot of people struggle to find time to make it to the gym.  I believe that it is possible to commit to your health and fitness while excelling in other areas of your life, so I wanted to find out how people who manage to do it all well, make it all work!  I came across a really impressive woman who not only runs an insanely successful business but is also a wife and mother, and believe it or not, she still finds time to make fitness a priority in her life. I sat down with Racheal Novak to dig into the details and to see what we could learn from her.

    I asked Rachael to tell us a little about herself.  “I co-own & manage a real estate team specializing in residential real estate in the Pacific Northwest. I am a mom to two beautiful girls,  a wonderful son, and one golden retriever (Lucy). I am married to my best friend & business partner Mike, and I am an avid CrossFitter and Weightlifter.  Prior to Real Estate, I coached group fitness training classes & I also directed and coached a CrossFit Kids program at a local CrossFit affiliate in Lynnwood.  Before all of that, I worked as a licensed Transaction Coordinator for a commercial real estate agent and developer. I absolutely love tossing around barbells, olympic weightlifting specifically.  I like running, hiking and yoga once in a while. I very much dislike treadmills, pickles, and kalamata olives”

How to Juggle a Busy Lifestyle and Fitness

    Other than being a little overwhelmed by how much this woman had on her plate, (and also a little ashamed of any time I have made an excuse not to hit the gym), I was blown away by the positivity and energy coming from Racheal.  I asked Racheal, how she finds time to fit lifting and fitness into such a busy lifestyle, without skipping a beat she answered, “Time is an illusion - there's seemingly never enough. I wake up every day at 4am, workout from 5a-6a, I am in the office by 7, so I time-block my days to get things done.  It's about pre-planning your days, your workouts, and your food around family time and work priorities. It's a constant juggle, and there are seasons that are more focused than others in each area of life, but I strive for balance. Planning and preparation are huge factors in accomplishing anything and staying productive in all areas.”  

Why include fitness in such a busy life?

I thought it was a lot to juggle her personal and professional life alone, so I asked, “What benefits does working out bring to your life, that has given it enough importance to have room in your busy life?”.  Racheal answered, “Working out changed my DNA, to be quite frank. I have a consistent, mindful focus on what goes into my body, I work to stay relatively lean, and I eat well and I still have chocolate or the occasional margarita without "falling off the rails".  I workout and lift at least 4 days a week and consider it my personal therapy. The discipline I demonstrate in the gym is a direct reflection of my work ethic, my dedication to getting the job done at work and at home, and staying focused through major life hurdles.  How you do something, is how you do everything!”

It doesn't matter where you start, only where you are heading

    So Racheal must have been an athlete her whole life right? Or she is superhuman?  Turns out, that isn’t true. When I asked Racheal about how she started working out, she told us a really honest, relatable story. “Nine months after I had Mya, I hit a wall physically, emotionally & mentally.  My husband gently encouraged me to start focusing on myself and my fitness, so I did. All in all I lost 40 lbs in 7 months and was hooked on this life! Almost 10 years later, I am still an avid crossfitter and weightlifter, and live a very healthy lifestyle.  I don't waiver much from the "90/10" rule of eating and have integrated eating well and lifting heavy into my everyday life. It has taken years of CrossFit and weightlifting to understand the cycles of intensity and the importance of rest days, but I'm always a work in progress “

Final Thoughts From Racheal

I asked Racheal if she had a message for anyone out there who feels like its too late, or they can’t live a healthy lifestyle. She confidently said, “I truly believe it's never too late to start in life.  I am more fit and healthy in my 30's than I was in my teens or my 20's and that is a testament to consistency over time, not a 21-day transformation challenge! Consistency is key. Whatever you decide to do, start slow and just keep at it. The only way you can fail is if you quit!

Racheal is a true inspiration, and I know I am going to work to incorporate not only her ferocious approach to life in my own, but also her positive attitude.  Let us know what you think in the comments!